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Friday, March 1



Creative and Body-Based Interventions to Regulate the Trauma Response C 111FILLINGLinden Oaks Team Documentary Viewing: "Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety." CafeteriaLIMITEDMelissa Hedlund Nelson ,ATR-BC, LCPC, SEP, CADC • Nathan Latham, LCSW, CADC • Beth Plachetka, MSW, LCSW, MAEL, EdD • Kristen Kauke, MSW, LCSW • Lisa Palese Quiet the Storm: Identifying and Supporting Students with Anxiety C 123FULLLCPC • Allyse Rehak Supporting Students with Literacy Needs Through Assistive Technology C106LIMITEDJocelyn Kotrba Beyond the Classroom Walls: Looking at Students from a Systemic Perspective C 112FULLLCSW • Jules O'Neal • PEL Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom C 122FULLRachel Barry Benefits of Effective Co-Teaching C 120FULLRyan McCann • Mary Jane Tupper Recognizing and Supporting Students who are Struggling with Drug or Alcohol Abuse TBAFULLKimberly Boatner, LCSW, CADC • Justin Howe How Smartphones are Affecting our Youth C 121FILLINGBCC • Allison Johnson • LCPC The Neurobiology of Trauma C110FULLLaura Kowalski LCPC From blue to bright: The role of sleep, diet and self-care on mood C 116FULLChristine Anderson • Jason Blake • Vinita Menon • Joy Pascoe Normal is not Optimal C 119FULLDr. Selma S. Gladney Codependency and Boundary Setting for Healthier Relationships C 117FULLRobert Jackman Planning a Future: Let the Student's Lead! C 114LIMITEDLiz Alroth • Kimberly Garcia Reasons Why Not, A Response To Suicide C 115FULLCamille Baker • Bill Huber